Book Review Autumn 2018

Perenial Seller:
The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts 

I’m subscribed to Ryan Holiday newsletter and read is latest work on stoic philosophy (Obstacle if the way, Ego is the Enemy, Daily stoic) and when he usually get a book out I buy it.
In his book, Perenial Seller, we study on what it takes to create timeless, lasting work. Ignore the trends of the day to focus on what matters and what will lead to real impact.
If you want to write, produce, or build something amazing, read this book.

Principle by Ray Dalio

A big book (600+ page) about one of the great Investor of our time, Ray dalio and is life and work principle.

Ray Dalio is the founder and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, which, over the last forty years, has become the largest and best performing hedge fund in the world.
Mr. Dalio let us dive in in this part memoir, part how-to guide and show us what priciple guide is life and business.
My main take away of this book is to pratice radical honesty, which is the ability to open oneself to appreciate pointed criticism and use it to improve and have a sense of humility and introspection.
There 3 main part in the book, is biography to understand where he come from, is life principle and is work principle that he used to build Bridgewater.


I bought this book after seeing Bill Gates recommendation, and my god this book is eye opening. Hans Rosling explains how what we see on the media, our preconceptions and statistical illiteracy make us believe in the wrong worldview. Surprise, surprise, other countries aren’t like they used to be 50 years ago. The book carefully break the 10 most important sources of bias and misconceptions and give ways to avoid them. Forget about the “Developping world”, most countries today would be considered developed. We should categorize the developments in four income level instead and at the end of the book there are examples on what different in the life of a level one vs other level of income. Each countries have average income level that help us determine the problem of the population and the degree of extremes poverty.