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My name is Christian Jacques and and I’m a Software Programer/Engineer.

I use this blog to express random thoughts about whatever I’m thinking.

What is this site?

cjacques.me  is a website dedicated programing trick I’ve learned, librairies I’m learning, books and podcasts I’ve read/listen and cool software projects I’ve found. I tend to forget these thing so I think a blog is a good way to help remember this and can help you guys at the same time to learn about it.

Interested in Submitting an Article or Project?

If you have feedback regarding cjacques.me, ideas for new content you want to see me work on, or want to send me links to cool stuff happening in the community, please contact me. I actually do read every email! (note that if you spam other blogger with the same message there a good chance my mail program will put your mail in the spam folder)

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